Curbing “Imposter Syndrome”

Curbing “Imposter Syndrome”

, Curbing “Imposter Syndrome”

Often women suffer from the feeling of self-doubt, or a fear of failure.  This term has become well known in the industry as “Imposter Syndrome”.  We will discuss few techniques to address self-doubt.

Women shy away from applying to jobs or taking opportunities unless they meet all requirements. This is due to fear of failure or thinking that they are not a good fit.  When ever such opportunities arise, pursue them and do not let them pass. They are the best situations for innovation, learning and growth.

At workplace, women second guess themselves due to others questioning their work and critiquing them. This may bring a feeling of self-doubt and discouragement.  In these situations, reflect back to identify strengths based on your accomplishments and contributions.  You will discover that more often your strengths trump your areas of development.  Everyone has areas of development, therefore use these for your further growth. Always, focus on understanding your strengths for boosting your morale, and to articulate your value. 

Often we shy away from sharing ideas in the open forums thinking that they are not great.  Next time you have an opportunity don’t hold yourself back, share that idea. It may turn out to be the best one.

Take charge of your own destiny, build on your strengths, and continuously learn to grow.

Written by: Dr. Anita Jindal (Women LEAD Toastmasters)

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