Bring Your Speech To Life!

Bring Your Speech To Life!

When you are preparing a speech, have you experienced that you were focusing too much on carefully crafting your words and gestures that you lost the connection with yourself, your audience and your message?

This is even more difficult during the pandemic that many people are experiencing “zoom fatigue.” People feel like they have to make more emotional effort to appear interested, and in the absence of many non-verbal cues, the intense focus on words and sustained eye contact is exhausting. How do you deliver your message and keep the audience engaged in 2020 and beyond?

Every 3rd meeting, we offer a special workshop to help you hone special skill sets. Kiran Patel will be leading a virtual workshop, “Bring Your Speech to Life!” on Nov 11th 7-8pm PST.

Kiran Patel is an award-winning speaker, facilitator, coach and movement artist. She brings a holistic “inside out” embodied approach to bringing your speech to life. She is the co-author of “Get Inspired, Speak and Ignite!” After earning her Master’s degree in Social Psychology, she has taught communication, empathy and yoga to thousands internationally over the past 30 years.

Come learn how to go beyond mechanics and into the magic of speaking. Kiran Patel will guide us to access three essential energies when developing and delivering your talk—so you unlock the passion in your message, reach your audience’s hearts and be in a natural flow.

“Now, when I speak, I have the undivided attention of my audience. I take them on an emotional ride with me.” — Jennifer Fleming, Hayward, CA

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Written by: Renee Yao, Women L.E.A.D Toastmasters President

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