Managing Change

Managing Change

Who likes change? I certainly did not like change. I embraced change with my acro-yoga journey. I discovered how change can be helpful in accelerating my learning. The way this discovery came was not expected.

It was Memorial Day weekend in 2017, and I had an opportunity to meet Gail at friend’s cookout. Gail was into acroyoga. I had never heard of it, but listening to her,  I was intrigued. When I told her about my background in yoga, she invited me to try acroyoga. I made a conscious choice to say “Yes” and to give it a try.

On a warm Saturday afternoon in a sunny park, I showed up for my first acroyoga session. We warmed up, and Gail showed me my first pose, and explained various roles. The person on the ground is called the base while the person in the air is called the flyer. I was lighter than my partner, hence I was the flyer and my partner was the base. My core got quite a workout. Gail was cautious, so we did limited number of poses. After an hour, I started working with Colin. Before I knew it, I was into it and having fun, trying challenging routines and getting into complex poses. It felt like an adventurous roller coaster ride. I was hooked.

I learned that as a flyer, I needed to connect with my partner. As my base changed during training, I had to adjust my communication and movement. I had to make constant adjustments. It was hard and took time as I had to get into rhythm with my partner. It was a learning experience for me as my every base was different. If it was an inexperienced base, I had to make more adjustments. If it was an experienced base, I had to make less adjustments. The constant opportunity to practice with various bases increased my capability to adapt to different bases. It decreased the time to get into rhythm and strike different poses. Eventually, I became the flyer everyone would enjoy basing. My learning curve was exponential.

I realized that as I accepted and adapted to the change, it benefited me. From this experience I learned about change and adapting to it. At the end of the day, things were constantly changing, and I was adapting to change.

What about you? How do you approach change? How do you adapt to change?  Based on my experience, although change is uncomfortable, it is required for learning and adapting to changing environment. I learned about acro yoga. I would like to encourage you to try new opportunities and areas whole heartedly and you will see the constant growth in yourself. Looking forward to hearing your stories on how change helped your growth in our next meeting on November 11th.

, Managing Change
Acroyoga increases by adaptability

Written By Abhijeet Joshi

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