My Self-Discovery

My Self-Discovery

It was Saturday August 4th 2018, and my second date in San Francisco encouraged me to try the meditation at Awakin Circle in Santa Clara. I researched online for the Awakin circle and signed up for the August 7th session. I had a tried meditation before at my workplace but would always fall asleep.  I thought of giving it another try to see if this would be any different.

I arrived at the host’s home, there were around 30 people in noble silence. This is when I learned that the first hour in Awakin circle is dedicated for noble silence. I found a place to sit and closed my eyes. I had problem concentrating, as thoughts kept coming to my mind.  Soon, I discovered, that it wasn’t uncomfortable, and was able to meditate for one full hour. How did that happen? I realized that the collective energy of the group made that possible. That one hour of silence had a lasting impact on me. I was thankful to the host for providing a means for me to connect to my inner self. Later on I learned that the host had been doing this event for over 20 years free of charge.

This inspired me and taught me the importance of sharing love, goodness, and generosity.  It motivated me to form a start-up to give back to the community free of cost.  We wanted to introduce an app, where people needing help will post their request, for example, and an elderly needs help to move something or help with groceries. The request will then reach a pool of people who are interested in giving back and can help. This help is provided with the sole intention of giving from the heart. The startup idea failed to take off as I did not develop the idea about how to develop the pool of people interested to give back.

In January 2019, my friend encouraged me to join Toastmasters. I become an official member in February. Soon, I had the opportunity to mentor new members, and I jumped in with the intention of helping them. The joy I felt after seeing the smile on the mentee’s face after they gave their first speech gave me satisfaction and fulfillment. Within next six months I started mentoring full force with around 10 new members. I discovered that toastmasters was my place to give back and make a difference.

How about you? Have you discovered your inner-self on what gives you satisfaction and fulfillment while giving back?

Looking forward to hearing your stories in our next meeting on November 25th. Our meeting theme is Paying it forward. Details can be found below:

, My Self-Discovery

Written by Abhijeet Joshi

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