Delivering on The Big Stage

Delivering on The Big Stage

Whether you are promoting yourself at an interview, your pitch to investors, or recruitment for your favorite cause, you want to communicate effectively, with a winning argument that inspires others to action, or, at least, to agreement.

One day you will find yourself on stage before a large audience promoting your project or passion.  You will be one of many speakers, each hoping to convince the audience that you are the right candidate, or that yours is the best investment.  This meaningful message will be one you have rehearsed many times, and may deliver many more.  How do you ensure your message is the winning speech of the day – every time?

I teach interview and networking skills to organizations and teams – repeating similar messages on stage to large groups.  I have found that repeating myself on stage poses different challenges from speaking to smaller audiences.  One concern is to keep my message fresh with each new audience.  Another is to create personal connection with large audiences. Of course, maintaining that interest in a large venue – for my entire talk – is another trick altogether.  And then there is the need to convince the entire room to adopt the values and skills I am sharing. 

How do I use Toastmasters to master these skills? Competing in Toastmasters speech contests develops your ability to give repeated messages to large audiences, and will grow your public speaking in unique ways.  We have crafted a workshop on winning on the big stage, just for you.

At our Mastering Communication workshop on December 16, Solarzar Dellaporta, radio host, speaker, retired Marine, two-time DTM, and author, will interview three stars of public speaking about how to win on the big stage.

Luisa Montalvo placed second in the 2019 Toastmasters World Championship with her story, First Impressions; she is the first Hispanic contestant to achieve this level. Born and raised in South Texas, Luisa spent 25 years at Abbott Laboratories and continues to compete as a public speaker.  Her intention is to win the World Championship.

Maureen Zappala became a 2020 Toastmasters World Championship Finalist with her story, It’s So Good to See You.   Once an engineer for NASA, Maureen is an expert on Imposter Syndrome and speaks professionally, challenging organizations to propel their teams to peak performance.  Maureen has won over 40 speech contests since becoming a Toastmaster in 1999.

Distinguished Toastmaster Lindy MacLaine is the Third Place Winner of the 2020 Toastmasters World Championship with her story, Your Buried Story.  Lindy grew up on several continents and uses her public speaking skills to help others live joyful, fulfilling lives as a confidence and communication coach.

I hope you will join us this Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 6:30 pm (meeting opens at 6:25) by registering here so that you, too, may win on the big stage.

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