Five Things That Public Speaker Winner Lindy MacLanie Mastered

Five Things That Public Speaker Winner Lindy MacLanie Mastered

It’s our honor to host another workshop, “How To Become an A.C.E. at Virtual Speaking,” led by Lindy MacLaine, DTM, the Second-Runner-Up in the 2020 first ever Virtual Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking, this Wednesday, Jan 13th, 7-8 pm PST. 

Public Speaker Winner Lindy MacLanie, Five Things That Public Speaker Winner Lindy MacLanie Mastered

I first heard about Lindy MacLaine last year. I was practicing my evaluation contest and went through many semi-final speeches as practice material. She stood out. Take a look at her videos yourself: 

“The Slide You Left Behind.”  

“Your Buried Story”

There are five things that Lindy mastered: 

  1. Emotions 

Lindy revealed her emotions through her facial expression (raised eyebrows, wide open eyes, and tears) and vocal variety (slow pace when she was sad, silence when dramatic effect was needed, etc). She was the first toastmasters speaker that ever put tears in my eyes. As I saw her tears emerged, I felt I was there with her and wanted to give her a hug through the virtual windows. 

  1. Stage usage 

Lindy mastered using stage – left, right, center, and forward. She used left and right “virtual stage” to tell different stories in her speech, center stage to tell her main message and deliver most of her speech, and forward when emphasis was needed. 

  1. Hook at the beginning 

“There’s a story you don’t tell anyone.” That was her hook at the beginning of her speech. That drew me in immediately – it’s true, honest, relatable, dark, and secretive. Who doesn’t want to know a secret? We all have a story that we seldom tell anyone. She is letting us in on a secret and I feel privileged as an audience to be granted that opportunity. 

  1. Humor 

Her self-deprecating humor is subtle, and had me laugh out loud in sadness. Mixed emotions are often the most powerful ones to experience. She wasn’t trying to be funny. When pain is so great, humor seems to be the only temporary band-aid that you can put on to disguise the loneliness, regret, guilt, and separation. 

  1. Personal Stories 

All of us have stories we can share, but what we want to share, what is good to share, and what has the highest chance to win a contest are all important and different. One of the most essential things about a speech is its message, a message that prompts the audience to take action. Lindy mentioned in one of the previous panels, “Sometimes the message is not what I want to share, but what I need to hear – for me, from me.”

I can’t wait to learn more about Lindy on Wednesday Jan 13th, 7-8 pm PST.  Hope to see you there

Written by Renee Yao, President at Women L.E.A.D. Toastmasters 

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