Effective Women Leaders Meeting Recap

Effective Women Leaders Meeting Recap

We had an interesting topic about effective women leaders this week with very good participation from all members. Learn more about how our meetings work, here.

Our president Renee Yao started the meeting with a beautiful quote on the power of being an effective women leaders:

“Women are leaders everywhere you look – from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.”

Nancy Pelosi

Women Leaders Profile 

Then our member Deepa Seshadri shared a leader profile of the day. This woman was using her legs to type, to draw and drive a car since she did not have arms due to a genetic disorder in childhood. What an inspiring story to kick off the evening.

Prepared Speeches

The first section of the meeting started with the prepared speeches. 

Sarah, Jennifer and Abhijeet all did a great job sharing with us their prepared speeches. Their body language further accentuated their key messages. 

Speech 1 How to Be an Effective Follower 

The first speaker, Sarah entertained us by speaking about her style of communication. She had identified her style as being efficient, clear, and individualized. She highlighted that being an effective follower is the first step to being a leader. Efficient communication means that you avoid interrupting your team leader unless it’s important. Clear communication means that you’re not afraid to speak up to prevent misunderstanding and mistakes. Individualized communication means that you are sensitive to your leader’s communication style, and how they prefer to interact professionally.

Sarah brilliant summarized what she has learned and how to best work with her boss with the right communication style. 

Speech 2 What Should Small Businesses Be Including In Their Website 

The second speaker, Jennifer was working on her presentation mastery pathway, level 4, “Managing a Difficult Audience.” She braved the conversation in which she was interrupted by a chatterer, a talker and an arguer. The task she was working on was effectively conducting a presentation in spite of having interruptions.

Abhijeet, Renee and Lakshmi were the chatterer, arguer and the talker respectively.  Jennifer was unaware of the roles played by other members prior to her talk. She managed to complete her speech in time in spite of the interruptions. Kudos to her!

Jennifer effectively presented the requirements for the core content for a website which are:

  1. Story. Tell why your business is unique and the story of how you came to be. 
  2. Contact. Name and contact email/phone number of the person who can provide more information. 
  3. Videos. Use videos to showcase, educate, entertain the audience
  4. Keywords. Make sure you have keywords highlighted for your webpage, so customers can easily find you using search. 
  5. CTA. Have a call to action to make sure people can reach out accordingly. 

Speech 3 Let’s Go to the Bank 

The third speaker, Abhijeet demonstrated his role-play immaculately when he spoke about “Lets go to the bank”. His intent was to differentiate about the different communication styles based on the personality of the person in the spotlight. 

As part of his speech, he demonstrated that a strong personality will want to see more data (facts) before agreeing to the proposal of travelling to “New Zealand”. 

His facial expressions and hand gestures had the audience captivated till the end of the speech. 

Table Topics (Women Leaders) 

The second section of the meeting led by Madhumita conducted the table topics portion of the meeting and made sure to include all the participants in the meeting. Madhumita asked about:

  1. What we look for in a leader
  2. If you are the leader profile of the day, what would you prefer others to say about you?
  3. Tell us an effective leader and how they had inspired us 

What would your answers be if you were asked those questions?


The third section of the meeting was conducted by the evaluators for the prepared speeches. Priya provided valuable feedback to Sarah about the good content and suggested areas of improvement in terms of vocal variety and volume.

Lakshmi evaluated Jennifer’s presentation and praised the great effort and the successful completion of the long speech within time despite interruptions from the difficult audience. 

Jojo evaluated Abhijeet’s speech and focused on improvements in the area of gestures and facial expressions.

The meeting ended on a good note with the best table topics award going to the guest of the meeting, Karina. Lakshmi won the best evaluator award for the evening. And Jennifer was the best speaker of the night. 

President Renee Yao, also shared a few slides to summarize the meeting and upcoming meetings. You may find the slide deck here

Women L.E.A.D. Toastmasters encourages readers to attend our regular meeting on Apr 28. Please register here.

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