“Fortune 500 Female CEOs” Meeting Recap

“Fortune 500 Female CEOs” Meeting Recap

Women currently hold 41 (6.0%) CEO positions at S&P 500 companies in 2021, improving from 30 in 2020. (source: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/record-number-women-took-over-fortune-500-companies-2020-n1252491)

As acronyms are quite common in today’s world, CEO can be expanded to mean the person driving core values with energy to provide operational excellence. 

The vision, mission, strategy and objectives (VMOSA) are important in the core values and need to be communicated to all the people in the organization.

Grit, perseverance, and most importantly,  passion, is crucial to see the task to completion in high energy situations.

Women perform several duties effortlessly and in balance when it comes to management of house and workplace responsibilities. They have the inherent ability to sense instincts and work on clues, so they make good managers and leaders. Let’s invest in this capability of women to push our organizations further.

We had a meeting last Wednesday with the theme of Fortune 500 Female CEO. You may find the recording here:

The meeting started with a powerful slide (see below) that depicted the roles of a CEO.

Fortune 500 Female CEOs meeting recap, “Fortune 500 Female CEOs” Meeting Recap

Our newest member, Sai Raji, profiled “Indra Nooyi,”who highlighted the qualities of grit, passion, and persistence to see completion of tasks.

The next section of our meeting has 4 prepared speeches for the evening.

  • Our first speaker, Karen,  tactically presented the features of zoom with her speech titled “Beyond Zoom – A peek behind the curtain”.
  • Our next speaker,  Deepa used her communication styles effectively to portray the “SAID” acronym for supportive, analytical, interactive and direct modes of communications.
  • Our third speaker, Jojo, spoke about the “catsonalities” of her pet cat “Veronica.”
  • Our final speaker, Lakshmi gave her ice breaker speech in which she gave a sneak peek of her life journey and her take on it.

This was followed by our Table Topics session, which had really brilliant questions on the role of the CEO and the grit that they need to have to manage day-to-day tasks!

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Written by Priya Shastri, VP of Membership at Women L.E.A.D. Toastmasters

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