Life is too short to sweat unimportant thoughts!

Prepare for the worst but expect the best!

Life’s Surprises was the theme for our Toastmasters meeting on Oct. 6, 2021. The meeting started at 7 p.m. sharp. All the attendees came prepared for learning in another session this week.

Samantha and Nikhila presented our two prepared speeches. Each speaker highlighted the surprises in their lives.  Our first speaker, Samantha, demonstrated the difference in the use of the English language by people from India and people from the US. She sighted the example of using the word “trolley” in India to point to the “shopping cart” in a store. Another glaring contrast was the use of the word “footpath” as in the place where the footfalls on the side of the road and the word “sidewalk.” Both words are combinations of two other smaller words “foot” and “path,” “side” and “walk,” respectively. 

Nikhila Chandrashekar’s speech, titled “Do Your Worst,”  described a hilarious episode of using the “El Crap” bag while going mountain climbing the El Capitan hillside range (commonly known as “El Cap”). Her description of the El Crap bag to dispose of human waste caught the audience in splits of laughter. Who knew that the target had a center red dot in the El Crap bag?

Shanthi, a new member of our club, who is learning at a fast pace, then entertained us with interesting questions about life’s surprises.

She had her questions prepared in advance as well as speakers lined up, making a very thorough Table Topics session.

Aisha, the newest member of our club, described the experience of her granddaughter who faked an excuse in order not to go to the dentist for a tooth extraction. She shared the experience of tough parenting with her granddaughter and how she was tricked into taking anesthesia. The kid’s numbness made the operation successful!

We ended the meeting with the evaluation section of the meeting provided to the speakers. Shobha and Sujin provided feedback to Nikhila and Samantha respectively. There was valuable feedback given to the speakers to enable them to improve their presentation skills. We wished Nikhila well for her participation in the humorous speech contest.

We ended the meeting with a smiling group picture.

Please join us for another session this Wednesday at 7:00 pm by registering here.  

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