How does a Women L.E.A.D. meeting work?

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Women L.E.A.D. Meetings

Our Meetings 

Women L.E.A.D. Toastmasters meets on every other Wednesday for a theme-based regular meeting and a monthly pop-up workshop, making it easy for busy professionals to make a commitment. We also have supplementary workshops for those who want more. 

Meetings are fast-paced, organized, educational, and inspiring. Find how what goes on at a meeting by scrolling below. 

What is a Women L.E.A.D. meeting like? 

The bi-weekly (every two weeks) meetings are where you’ll have the chance to put what you have learned in Toastmasters Pathways learning programs to use. 

Each meeting starts with the Sergeant of Arms opening the meeting, introducing the President, who talks about the club, themes, and inspiring quotes. Then the Toastmaster of the Day will introduce functionary roles

The first functionary role is “Leader Profile of the Day.” This person will share a leader’s profile in 2-3 minutes to inspire the audience. Then the Ah-counter, Grammarian, and Timer will introduce their roles. 

Then we move to prepared speeches. We have three to four prepared speeches for each meeting. Each speaker will share a prepared speech, usually between 5-7 minutes each. Each speech follows the objectives and learnings from the Pathways educational program. 

After that, we move to Table Topics where a Table Topics Master (TTM) asks prepared questions which usually match the theme of the evening. Members don’t know who the TTM will call on ahead of time. This is a chance to improve impromptu speaking and is great interview preparation!

Next is the evaluation portion of the meeting, which consists of a General Evaluator, who organizes and introduces the speech Evaluators and evaluates the meeting to show us where we can improve. The Evaluators each take 2-3 minutes evaluating the evening’s speeches. 

After that, each functionary roles will provide their reports on ah-counting, grammatical mistakes or good usage, and timing of the speeches or talks.

Last but not least, the President will wrap up with closing remarks and announcements of the evening.

We meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. PDT on zoom (see link to register in the meeting tab. The meeting ends at 8:15 p.m. PDT and officers stay behind to answer any additional questions. 

What is a Women L.E.A.D. workshop? 

We host monthly pop-up workshops to target your skills in public speaking or leadership. The featured workshops will happen mostly on one Wednesday of the month, where we don’t have regular meetings. The time is always 7-8 p.m. PDT. Sometimes we also include supplementary workshops that are based on members’ requests or hosted by other Toastmasters clubs that are beneficial to our members on Fridays noon 12-1 p.m. PDT. Visit our meeting tab to learn more. 

What is a Women L.E.A.D. virtual happy hour? 

Due to popular demand, we are having regular virtual happy hour on a bi-monthly basis (every two months). This is where we meet in a more casual setting to chat and play games. You will have the chance to connect with other members in breakout rooms, and we will guide the fun with conversation prompts and online games. Games include Taboo, Charades, Code Names, Pictionary; and we are open to game requests. BYOB and snacks!

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